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Good Assistive Technology (AT) stems from basic principles about making IT work for individual circumstances, rather than simply thinking about changes needed for people with disabilities.

John Ingleby, Hon Secretary of www.schoolforge.org.uk

NB Steve now trades as OpenDirective Ltd and this site contains older open AT projects plus resources. In particular both Maavis simple ICT access and PowerTalk automatic presentation narration are hosted here.

Full Measure helps you get the most from computers and IT with free open source accessibility and assistive technology software. Working at the heart of open accessibility with individual projects, open source communities including Mozilla and GNOME and open development innovation services like OSS Watch means we can advise and guide users and developers alike. We also provide simple software tools to meet individual needs that may be freely copied with the program code available to be used or altered by others. Full Measure is the name that Steve Lee trades under as a Sole Trader.

Open accessibiity and Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) combine the benfits of open development with accessibility. Open accessibiity tools and programs may be openly shared, modified or studied. They are free or low cost, and yet reliable as problems are rapidly fixed. With open accessibility, users, friends and support staff discuss what they would like with developers and other 'techies' to create the software that they want. Good accessibility ideas can be freely shared and built on. Open accessibility ensures that people with disabilities, including the elderly and children, can get the most from computers and ICT. Find out more on the What Is OATS page.

Keeping the Web open

It is vital that the Web remains open and accessible to everyone. Mozilla's mission is to ensure the web remains open to all. Using Mozilla products like Firefox and FirefoxOS allow you to contribute to that mission.




Fullmeasure simply open accessibility programs.

Fullmeasure programs are usually created with a specific person in mind but can be useful to anyone. If you find them useful then please let us know. See this article on PowerTalk and customisation or the What Is OATS page for details.

  1. PowerTalk automatically speaks the text on any PowerPoint presentation making it more accessible. Find out more and get it on the PowerTalk page. It customises Microsoft PowerPoint and SAPI speech software that comes with Windows XP.
  2. TouchCD play a CD using a single switch or the keyboard spacebar; press to play next track and press again to stop. Find out more and get it on the TouchCD page. It is a custom program that uses the pygame software library for working with switches and CDs.
  3. ClipTalk a very simple program that speaks text as it is copied to the clipboard. Find out more and download from the ClipTalk page. It uses the SAPI speech software that comes with Windows XP.


The OATS project - making OATS easy to find.

The www.oatsoft.org website makes Open Source Assistive Technology (OATS) software easy to find and download. Developers can research OATS and accessibility and work with other developers and users. End users, clinicians and open-source developers can now work together to create effective solutions. See introduction to OATS for more details.


Firefox accessibility features

The accessfirefox.org community site provides full details of how Firefox is the most accessible web browser, helping you to choose the features that work best for you.


OSS Watch

OSS Watch OSS Watch is an innovation service that provides unbiased advice and guidance on the development, licensing and use of free and open source software. Services are free-of-charge to UK higher and further education.


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