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PowerTalk TODO list

PowerTalk is Open Source so it is possible to make changes or find some to do it for you. This page contains ideas for features that could make PowerTalk a better tool.

It is implemented using a little Python script that accesses the PowerPoint object model. The Object Model gives full programmatic access to PowerPoint and the presentation and is exposed through COM Automation. Mark Hammond's Win32 COM extensions (part of Win32All) do all the hard work, allowing simple script access that is similar to using any Microsoft Scripting Language.

In operation PowerTalk launches PowerPoint, opens a specified presentation file and instructs PowerPoint to run it. PowerTalk then simply responds to various events that PowerPoint generates as the user runs the presentation. An appropriate action is programmed in PowerTalk for each event e.g. passing text on to SAPI to be spoken.

The installation program is created using an Inno Setup configuration file. This uses the minimal set of deployable files created by the McMillan installer.

Things to do, In no particular order

19 Aug 2004