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ClipTalk 0.1.0
Automatically speaks text copied to the clipboard.

Full Measure ClipTalk automatically speaks text that is copied to the Windows clipboard (e.g. with Right Click -> Copy or Ctrl+C).

Speech is supplied using the Microsoft SAPI software that is included with WIndows XP and Vista. SAPI may also be installed on Windows 98 with SAPI Text To Speech (TTS) components [12MB] (this will also install 2 additional free voices, Mike and Mary, on XP).

Special tags can be added to the text to influence how sections are spoken, for example to select a voice or alter pitch.

ClipTalk can also be used to add speech to any program or macro facility that can copy text to the clipboard.

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ClipTalk is an example of Open Source Assistive Technology Software, or OATS. Find out more about OATS on the Fullmeasure.co.uk home page.


Downloads - Getting ClipTalk.

Download cliptalk-0.1.0.exe [5.MB] Windows installation program. Once downloaded, Open/Run the installer. Alternatively cliptalk-0.1.0.zip [5.MB] can be unzipped and used without any installation.

Clip talk is released under the BSD license, see the LICENSE.txt file for details. The source code is available.


Running ClipTalk.

To run execute ClipTalk.exe or use the start menu item if the setup program was used. You can create a shortcut (e.g. using right drag on cliptalk.exe) and edit that to specifiy options or to start ClipTalk Minimized.

Options: To see the available options use 'ClipTalk -h' from a 'cmd' window.

 --version             show program's version number and exit
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -m MODE, --markup=MODE
                       process SAPI XML Synthesis markup: no, yes, auto [default: no]
 -g, --global-markup   persist global markup between utterances
 -p, --punctuation     pronounce punctuation as words
 -q, --quiet           no announcements at startup and exit
 -l PAUSE, --line-pauses=PAUSE
                       automatic pauses of PAUSE ms for newlines (implies -m yes)

Auto markup means that if the text starts with a '<' it will be processed for markup, otherwise it will not.

Using markup to effect speech.

Start ClipTalk with the -m yes option and then try copying the following:

<voice required="Gender=male">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</voice>.
<voice required="Gender=female">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</voice>.
<emph> boo </emph>.
<volume level='20'>whisper</volume>.
<rate absspeed='-3'>slowly</rate>,<rate absspeed='-6'>running</rate>,<rate absspeed='-9'>down</rate>.
<pitch middle='+7'>I say <pron sym='t ow m aa r t ow'/></pitch>.
<pitch middle='-8'>You say <pron sym='t uw m ah t uw'/></pitch>.

For more information on SAPI XML markup see the Microsft SAPI documention including this tutorial.