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TouchCD is an example of Open Source Assistive Technology Software, or OATS. Find out more about OATS on the Fullmeasure.co.uk home page.


TouchCD 0.0.2
Plays a CD using a single switch for control.

TouchCD is a ultra simple CD player that is controlled using a single switch or the keyboard's space bar.

  1. Ultra simple, no visuals, just plays a cd. Press to play and press to stop;
  2. Allows simple control of music with minimum dexterity;
  3. Helps develop 'cause and effect' understanding;
  4. Helps to encourage the developement of switch skills;
  5. Works with a JoyCable USB switch adaptor;


Using TouchCD.

  1. Plug in the switch into the red socket on the adapator;
  2. Plug the adaptor into the PC (you may need to say yes to any installation messages);
  3. Put an Audio CD in the primary CD drive;
  4. Run TouchCD program from desktop icon;
  5. To play the next track hit the switch once;
  6. To stop the track hit the switch again;
  7. To enter track preview mode hold the switch down for over 2 seconds. A 5 sec fragenment of each track is played until the switch is hit again, when the entire track is then played;
  8. Type the C key to enter continuous mode - plays one track after another. Type C again to turn it off. Can also be activated on startup with the --continuous command line option;
  9. Press Esc key or close the window to exit.;

If the switch does not work try uplugging and re-plugging it with the adapter left in the PC.


Downloads - Getting TouchCD.

Download TouchCD 0.0.2 [2.MB] Windows installation program. Once downloaded, Open/Run the installer.

Being an Open Source product, the source code [15KB] is freely available for those who wish to see or use it. Please see the included GPL license below for terms.